Sunday, 16 September 2018


A week away at mas expense
Organised as it should
My woollen trunks and swimming cap
Fish and chips upon my lap

Ooh you look so good in your wooley trunks
They grow so big in the water
How are you today my love
I'm here with my son and daughter

I felt so thick everyone looked
My trunks now full of rubbish
I was so very hot I nearly cooked
My wooleys were now half up ish

Ma thought I looked really good
She asked folk if they liked them
Two or three Coke cans a small plank of wood
I won't do this again even if I could

Mothers are so well meaning
They think they know what's best
She really must be dreaming
A wooley trunks and vest

She took so many pictures
As proud as she could be
Hurting my fittings and fixtures
Its these Wookey trunks you see

Picking up all of the rubbish
Floating in the sea
Much of it in my trunks now
Why could she not see

This nightmare trip is over now
Did you have ball she said
Oh yea I had a ball ok
I think I've now got three

Wednesday, 29 August 2018


I'm down but smile I laugh so much
Screaming out for someone's touch
To tell me I'm ok
I'm light outside but feel so crushed within
Hard to find some words to tell
Depression and it's living hell
You won't know just what I feel
This hell inside is very real
To all the world you seem ok
You want no one to see
Your heart and mind in disarray
It just won't leave me be
To tell it all cannot be done
You will the pain to leave
You yearn so much to feel like fun
Drugs don't cure yes that's for sure
Will I live or will I die
Dead inside there is no high
Is this the time to say bye bye
But wait put aside all you hate
Give a thought to those who care
Why not talk and try to share
There are no words just love me please
I long to feel a loving squeeze
Love me please or I wil die
Even if you can't just try
It's only hope that gets you through
You just don't care what happens to you
No one gets it only you
Love me love me love me through

Tuesday, 5 June 2018


On the street theres a dope with a rolled up smoke
Selling rubbish to our kids
It isnt so clever , they all end up beggers
Addicted to shite they all bought tonight
Their addiction will rule them no doubt
Prison will come and sure death to some
Believe me it gives you a fright
The people who sell it they know no fear
They destroy all the kids someone holds dear
Thyeve gone forever, To a world thats not clever
Beg steal or borrow to get hold of drugs
They just need their fix from the local drugs thug
Your life is now over
Pushed over a cliff it wrecks all their brains
No future in it, Lets get together and rid all our streets of it.
Are you ashamed of all that you do
I dont think so really, Do you ?
Well i mean its not about them its all about you.

Saturday, 2 June 2018


After years of looking i found you
My long lost irish dad
After your leaving, I did not know what to do
Your leaving was very sad.

Those dads who just do not care
Make you feel excluded
An Irish accent made me stare
I need to be included

Ireland your homeland i scowered the place
Living in hope of finding you
Did anyone per chance know your face
Can you advise , What shall i do.

You did not die the way they said
You were very much alive
Killed at work, You were very dead
You ruined all our lives

As years have gone i think much more
Did you change ? No longer drink ?
Your beatings were harsh, Always so sore
Did you become a nicer dad, You seldom stopped to think.

Tracked down your folks, all Irish gems
They had not seen the side that was bad
Wonderful folks, So loving and warm
He was such a nice lad

I got the call announcing your death
I knew it deep inside
I wish id been at your last breath
Now with the Lord abide

I forgave all you had done
The violence, The fear, The pain
I want your heaven to be such fun
Forgiveness is our mutual gain.

Sunday, 24 December 2017


Peace will come to the seeking heart
Set you free, What are you going through
Peace comes from Jesus, He plays his part
He,s the one he knows what to do.

You can forgive those who destroy you
Take anger and all your hurt away
Seek the train of love , we all can do
Jesus gives you so much more, Your life will be so new

None can do it all alone, Ask Jesus he knows how
Nothing is to big for him
Everything is possible now
I heard him say, I love you Jim

Hurt, Bad news, Whatever you face.
Surrender  your fear to his love
He has a plan ,He knows the place
Be at peace, as the snowy white dove.

Jesus is real, He's holding your hand
He's leading you through your life
You might not see him
Why be in turmoil, he's moving your strife

Ask him to live in your heart
He gave us a will of our own
His mercy so tender, never apart
Take heed of all he will show.

Monday, 12 June 2017


The little boy who had no friends
Heart dropping in despair
Is it me it all depends
Be yourself someone will care

A wanting love is not the best
Mum and dad take drugs
Why are mine not like the rest
People think my folks are thugs.

Is my young life a special test
I long for pals to play
I want a life just like the rest
Are you listening , What do you say

No hugs no kisses from mum and dad
Their next fix is all that matters
I`m sorry if i make you sad
My little heart`s in tatters

Drugs have shattered all our lives
We just need some love
Druggies knockin on our door
Some have used sharp knives

I wish i had a new mum
One that held me tight
I look up at the moon and stars
Hoping God will shed some light

God has said he`ll help me
Take away the pain
He said my mum will love me
He set my heart aflame .


Where there is hope , You always cope
Life`s both sad and glad
Pregnant ladies shine so bright
There is a beauty in their plight .

No booze no fags no fish and chips
Keep those demons off the hips
Men don`t know how women tick
A lot of men make women sick.

Forecourt flowers are all the rage
See them on your face book page
All romantic don`t you think
Dead before you even blink

Battered wives are all around
They do their best  They`re really sound
Just hit back and note the change
Stop your man from acting strange.

Having babies all that pain
Joys of birth all heaven came
This wondrous child has said hello
Your selfish ways they have to go.

Florists not forecourts when you shop
You now have more than most have got
If you have a love that`s right
Never let it out your sight.

What to do to make a mess
Think about yourself i guess
Put her first with love untold
It makes her feel like solid gold

Women nag and never stop
Things go west and often drop
In fairness though they always care
Show the men folk how to share.

One last thing to understand
Women like to lend a hand
Show her love, Her heart will glow
Give her crap and she will go.


A week away at mas expense Organised as it should My woollen trunks and swimming cap Fish and chips upon my lap Ooh you look so good in...